UPDATE 8:45am – Police Believe Body Found May Be 15 Year Old Nichole Cable 

According to a press release Monday night from Maine State Police and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department a body was found around 9:30pm Monday.Authorities did not release the location of the body, other than to say it was in an undisclosed wooded area.Early Tuesday morning, activity from law enforcement agencies increased along Route 43 in Old Town, also know as Gilman Falls Avenue. Just to the East of the bridge near Gilman Falls going from the Interstate toward Old Town there is yellow crime scene tape near the upper end of the dam visible from the road way. According to our crew on the scene the tape is on the Northeast side of the dam along the Penobscot River.The Mobile Crime Unit was visible in that area, along with State Police, and Maine Game Wardens.Officials said there would not be a positive identification of the body until the State Medical Examiner can investigate.There is a press conference scheduled for 11:30am at the Penobscot Sheriff’s Department to provide more information.