Brewer Scouts Honors Veterans 

As the sun set on Woodlawn Cemetery in Brewer, local scout troops descended onto the grass and gathered around their troop leader. He said, “Most stones you’ll see that are veterans marked are grey and it is an honor to be able to put flags out on the stones of veterans, those who served the country proudly and bravely.””We are planting flags in the gravestones to honor Memorial Day and all the veterans that have served in this cemetery,” said Ryan Young, a local boy scout. The ceremonial laying of American flags honors 600 fallen soldiers in Brewer. A grant from the city is helping some celebrate the life of a friend. “And I put flags on some of their graves and some of the young blood kids put some on them also,” said Norman Rossignol, a Korean War veteran. “I actually love doing this because it honors the veterans who sacrificed their life or did something for the nation,” said Ethan Anderson, a boy scout. For the second time, local Boy and Girl Scout troops are making a learning opportunity out of Memorial Day by visiting the Woodlawn Cemetery. “So it was kind of neat for the girls to learn how thing have changed over the years and how things are respected,” said Nicole Hanson, mother of two scouts. “I think it’s important that kids like me say to those children, hey come out and honor out veterans and this is why,” said Nick Turner, who’s nearly achieved his Eagle Scout honor. It is a gesture of gratitude for those gone but not forgotten and the survivors commending their legacy.