Bangor Doctor’s Office Offers Group Medical Visits for Diabetes Patients 

A doctor’s office in Bangor has found a new way to help diabetes patients. EMMC’s Center for Family Medicine is offering group medical visits. Once a month a few patients come together in one place, along with doctors. There’s a topic of discussion, question and answer time, and one-on-one time with a physician. We’re told studies show group medical visits cut down on hospital admissions and help patients get the care they need. Doctors at the center have been trying out the idea for the last few months and say patients appreciate it.Norma, a diabetes patient, says, “I learn something new with every group. Every time we have a meeting there’s something new between talking to the doctors, talking to the patients and hearing what they’re doing, this type of thing. I find it very helpful to me.”Dr. Jessica Bloom-Foster says, “There’s kind of a support group element to it, as well as allowing physicians to provide information they may say over and over again to many individual patients over the course of the day and share all that information at once.”Doctors are considering expanding the group medical visits program to cover other health issues, like stress management or even prenatal visits. The diabetes group meets at The Center for Family Medicine on Union Street. For more information, call 973-7979.