A Dexter Couple Praises A Program That Has Helped Them And Other Disabled Veterans 

Marjorie and Matthew Pennington seem like any other couple.”My husband, I met him in his first deployment to Afghanistan. We actually met online believe it or not. He came home, we met, and got married shortly after that,” said Marjorie Pennington. But things haven’t been easy.”On his second deployment, Matthew was injured in Iraq by an IED. After coming home in 2007, we struggled. Emotionally, financially and the Coalition stepped in and helped. If it weren’t for them, I’m not quite sure where we’d be today,” she said. The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes provides emergency financial aid and other services to veterans severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan and they help disabled veterans’ caregivers and family members through a variety of programs.”I was able to be employed through the Heroes Thanking Heroes Program and started as a call representative making thank you calls to our donors and slowly worked my way up over the past 5 years. It’s been amazing,” said Marjorie Pennington who now works as a Program Director for the Heroes Thanking Heroes Program. “I think it’s been real beneficial to my wife because she’s been able to kind of build up her morale because she’s able to work out of home, but be involved with people in her same demographic. There’s a lot of veterans that work for the coalition, but there’s a lot of caregivers as well,” said her husband. The couple hopes more people learn about the benefits of this organization. “It doesn’t stop with the coalition and they’re an amazing group and I think our veterans here in Maine need to know that they have these services available to them,” said Marjorie Pennington.