Veterans Share Legacy of Bangor Middle School 

Middle school students from Bangor learned some first-hand history lessons Monday at the Cole Land Transportation Museum.They interviewed veterans there, some of which had a special connection to their school.Joy Hollowell has the story.===Paul Wilbur enlisted when he turned 17, just one month after the attack on Pearl Harbor.”With my parents’ permission, I left high school and joined the Marines,” Wilbur explained.More than 70 years later, Wilbur shared his experiences with students at the very school he did graduate from, the James F. Doughty school in Bangor.”1st graduating class of 5th Street Junior High, it was called back then,” says Austin Carter, a World War Two veteran.Austin Carter and Paul Wilbur were classmates. They hope students at the Doughty school understand the sacrifices these alumni and other veterans made.”These interviews, it’s a marvelous program, it certainly is,” says Wilbur. “It gives the students some idea of what war is all about and hopefully they can keep us out of war, because our freedom isn’t free.” “My grandfather was in World War Two, so I was excited to meet other people that were in wars too,” says Madi Higgins, an 8th grader at James F. Doughty school.”This was just a really inspirational experience just realizing how important these people were in the lives that we live today,” adds Dylan Clark, also an 8th grader at the Bangor middle school.