LePage Hopes To Eliminate Income Tax In Maine If Elected To Second Term 

Governor LePage invited folks to The Blaine House Monday afternoon to talk about how his new idea for state tax policy he thinks could strengthen Maine’s workforce.The governor hosted author Travis Brown who published a study that outlines how states with little or no personal income tax attract wealth and prosperity.The governor says if he’s elected to a second term he’ll push to wipe out income tax here in Maine.The study references at the Blaine House, featuring data from IRS, shows the nine states with no income tax have gained nearly $150 billion in working wealth over the past 15 years.During Monday’s event, LePage defended his budget, which cuts municipal revenue sharing.He says critics of the plan want local control but want the state to pay for it.”This is the dialogue,” LePage said. “Revenue sharing is in the state if Maine is nothing more than subsidized local control. If we want to have local control, I’m all for it. Let’s have the dialogue. Let’s have the dialogue.”