Orono High School Students Get Lesson in Wabanaki History 

High School Students in Orono are getting a lesson in Wabanaki history.Students spent the day weaving traditional baskets out of ash and sweet grass.The class was lead by master basket maker Pam Outdusis Cunningham Native American students in the workshop say the event helps bring everyone closer together.“I think they think we are tight knit and don’t get around. Some people were afraid to talk to us because we are native, but now they loosened up and we’re pretty close with everyone around here,” said Sienna Dana, Passamaquoddy Tribe.“I think it’s a good thing. It really changes their view on us as Native Americans and it can be fun to learn about the different culture we do, our culture,” said Joseph Attean Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Tribe.Students came up with the idea for the class when they were touring the Hudson Museum in Orono.The class was funded by a grant from the Orono Education Foundation.