L.O.S.- Lobster on a shingle w/ diced Backyard Beauty tomatoes & wilted spinach 

L.O.S.- Lobster on a shingle w/ diced Backyard Beauty tomatoes & wilted spinachWe have all heard of S*&T on a Shingle, creamed chipped beef on toast, this is my version that takes it “uptown”. Lobster is as local as it gets. One of the finest proteins on earth and from right here in Maine. By the way, Café Miranda is located in Rockland, The Lobster Capitol of the WORLD! Yes, the WORLD. Buying precooked, picked meat makes this dish an easy & quick treat!You can also add a couple of poached eggs to make a killer breakfast /brunch dish!Ingredients:2.5oz picked lobster meat.6oz heavy cream1oz Marsala, Madeira or other dry fortified wine.2oz Romano or Parmesan cheese.¼ cup diced backyard beauty tomato.1 clove garlic minced.1 cup picked, washed spinach (swiss chard is great in this dish when your garden is cranking).1 sprig fresh tarragon.2- 4×4” squares of toasted Café Miranda Brick Oven Focaccia bread or otherCoarse salt & fresh cracked pepper.Method:In a non-reactive (not cast iron) shallow side pan, place the cream, Marsala, garlic & tomato.Turn up the heat to medium to high. See it bubble, reduce (thicken) by around 30%. Add the lobster, tarragon, tarragon & spinach. Turn off the heat & cover. Let the heat in the cream and pan heat the recent additions in a genteel manner.Place toasted focaccia on a suitable heated platter and put the mixture over them, leaving a bit of the focaccia uncovered. Drizzle more of the Fiore Olive oil on it for a fresh, fruity finish. Liberally douse it with the coarse pepper.A Pinot Grigio or a Pale Ale like A fine Sebago brew is a nice finish.