“It’s Spring, somewhere” Asparagus w/ Creamy Brie 

“It’s Spring, somewhere” Asparagus w/ creamy brie. Also Known at Café Miranda as “Asparagus Debris”.This is another SPRING, fresh, bursting with vitality dish. Simple too!Ingredients:10 stalks Asparagus. Bend the stalk and where the bottoms break, reserve the tender tops.¼ red onion sliced½ red sweet pepper ripped coarsely2 cloves garlic minced2tbs fresh parsley, washed & chopped coarsely 2oz brie cheese3oz heavy cream2oz Fiore EVOOMethod:Heavy sauté pan or skillet you (approx. 10-12” in diameter) on medium to high heat.Add your Fiore EVOO to coat the pan. Add Red pepper, stir/sauté till you smell the goodness and see the color intensify. Toss in the asparagus, sauté, as soon as the color starts changing, add the garlic. Cook approximately a minute.Turn the heat to medium. Add the brie & cream. The brie will begin to melt & bind with the cream.Do not stir, as you want to see the cheese but you do want to reduce (thicken) the cream.When the cream has thickened a bit, add the parsley.Turn out onto a heated platter. Dress with yet more Fiore EVOO, love that stuff!Eat this with some Café Miranda Wood Oven Focaccia bread to sop up EVERY bit of creamy goodness! A companion & a nice Sauvignon Blanc works well with this dish… enjoy!