Fiddleheads and Fresh Café Miranda Pasta w/Fiore Olive oil 

Fiddleheads and Fresh Café Miranda Pasta w/Fiore Olive oilA simple sauté (or fire roasted if you happen to have a wood fired brick oven) dish that is seasonal, regional and way yummy! Foraged food is rare in our modern world, but here in Maine we have mushrooms, fiddleheads, ramps, mussels and so on. We live in a unique place.This dish is what we at Cafe Miranda call a “stealth vegetarian dish”. That is to say that the diner that orders this is eating vegetarian without missing the meat. If you would like some animal protein, chicken breast works well and Maine crabmeat is a charm with this one! This recipe is for one serving and is easily expanded to feed many by multiplying it by the number of people eating.Ingredients:1 cup picked & washed fiddleheads½ sweet red pepper, ripped coarsely ¼ red onion sliced1-2 cloves garlic, minced5oz Café Miranda fresh pasta (check our website for a retailer near you) or other quality fresh pasta will do. Dried works in a pinch. 1 Wedge of lemon2 oz Locatelli seco (dried sheep’s milk ricotta, also known as “ricotta salada”) shaved.Fiore EVOO, more than you think! Say 3-4 ouncesCoarse salt & fresh ground pepper.Method:For the pasta: Heat 4 quarts salted water to boil. Cook either pasta and drain it, DO NOT RINSE, hold it while you sauté the other stuff. Note: Dried pasta takes longer than the sauté takes, like 10+- minutes. Heat a 12” sauté pan on medium to high heat,Add to pan 1.5 oz Fiore EVOO or at least enough to coat the bottom of the pan well.Toss in the peppers stirring as needed till the color brightens. Add the onions and stir/ sauté till they “sweat”, start getting clear and releasing that great cooked onion smell. Add fiddleheads & garlic and continue to sauté. You will see the color pigments in the fiddleheads intensify and get bright green. Turn off the heat, toss in the pasta (macaroni as my Ital American Grandma would say) toss well and plate on a heated suitable plate. Dress with more Fiore EVOO, liberal amounts of the coarse salt & fresh ground pepper, squeeze lemon, top with cheese,