Big Bacon Unit 2 

Big Bacon Unit 2This is a take on wilted salads with a remembrance of Pennsylvania Dutch Hot bacon dressing from Shankweilers Restaurant in Fogelsville PA, back in the day. Ingredients:4oz coarse cut quality bacon. We use North Country Smoke House from Massachusetts. 2 boiled potatoes (reds in this case) quartered. ¼ cup diced Backyard Beauty tomatoes ¼ cup red onion sliced 2tbs coarsely grated Romano or Parmesan3oz Fiore EVOO oil2oz Fiore Balsamic Vinegar1 clove garlic minced3 cups mixed salad greens. Local when they are here! A more rugged green like baby kale, chard or spinach in the mix is a good idea. Method: Place all ingredients in a heat resistant bowl EXCEPT the bacon, potatoes, cheese and 2 oz of the Fiore Olive oil. In a fry pan of your choice, on medium heat place the bacon, potatoes and 2 oz of that Fiore Olive oil. Sautee to crisp & render some of that deelish fat out of the bacon & heat potatoes, browning the potatoes is ok but not necessary. When the bacon is crisped (not too much, we want it chewy, not brittle) CAREFULLY pour the entire contents into the bowl of salad mix. Toss your salad, plate, top with the cheese: add the rest of the oil and VOLIA. Enjoy this with a Fryes Leap IPA from Sebago or powerful red wine.