Over Sixty Employers Come Out To Job Fair In Bangor 

People looking for work packed the Spectacular Event Center in Bangor Tuesday.More than 60 employers came out for the Maine CareerCenter’s first job fair of 2013.”It says that people are looking for work. I take it as a positive sign that we have so many employers here today that the economy has taken an upturn, that there’s employers out there looking for help,” said Paul Ruggiero, the Maine CareerCenter consultant with the Maine Department of Labor.Like Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor.”It seems like there’s a wide range of people coming in with a wide range of skills, and that’s really nice to see. The first hour was veterans only, and it’s exciting to see all these people who are very enthusiastic about the opportunities,” said recruiter Lisa Winger.For veterans, trying to turn their military skills into a job opportunity can be difficult.”Now, all of a sudden, things are going real slow for you, and especially, being an infantry man, you don’t learn many civilian job skills,” said veteran Tony Bouley.Some organizations are making it a point to seek out veterans. Later this month, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club will be rolling out a national initiative, Careers With Purpose.”We pledge over the next five years to hire over 100,000 veterans across the country to add into our workforce,” said Chris Wilcox, the Membership Coordinator at Sam’s Club.Making personal connections is what it’s all about.”Getting to place a face with someone’s name, just talking to someone, where it’s not strictly internet where you don’t get that face to face contact, that interaction, so, that is a plus to be able to do,” said Ruggiero.There will be another job fair in Pittsfield on Wednesday.It’s from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the Warsaw Middle School on School Street.For more info log on to