Grandparents’ Day Delights Students And Their Elders In Dexter 

It was a celebration of generations at The Ridge View Community School in Dexter on Tuesday. “Who’s visiting me is my grandma, she’s here on Grandparents’ Day,” said Gabe, a first grader. Barbara Leighton was one of 300 grandparents from around the state and the country who showed up for the special day. “Him learning and accomplishing everything he has done this year. It’s kind of awesome to be able to spend Grandparents’ Day with him,” said Barbara Leighton, Gabe’s grandmother. “It’s something that they just adore. They look forward to it. They know that May is coming. They ask when is grandparents day going to be here. It’s really a memorable experience for them. They just love that opportunity to share at any point,” said Allyson Gudroe, literacy coach at the school, and coordinator of the event. The second graders sang their grandparents a song, thanking them for being there.”Each year they change so much. We first came when he was in kindergarten and now all the things he can do now as a second grader. He’s grown up a lot,” said Linda Haywood, grandmother of a second grade student. “They love spending time with us. They say like how tall we are and they’re like you’ve grown so much since the last time I’ve seen you,” said Payson, a second grade student. “Just seeing all these children. It was just touching. And this is my first time here, so I would do it again,” said Pauline Wilson, another visiting grandmother. “She’s very very my specialist grandmother,” said Wilson’s granddaughter, Braiden.