Bangor Teen Wins State Contest To Sing National Anthem 

The 7th annual National Anthem audition was put on by the Maine Games in April.The winner is a teenager from Bangor, and she had never sang the Star Spangled Banner in public before.As 15 year old Bangor High School Sophomore Meg Ward walks through the school hallways, the pin on her backpack expresses her true love.In April she became the youngest winner ever of the Maine Games National Anthem Vocalist contest.” I was sitting on stage with all the 12 other people who auditioned and they said my name and I looked out into the audience and I say my Mom and Dad and they were just ecstatic, it was awesome.””(She) had never sung the National Anthem publicly before,” said her Mom Martha Ward. “So for her to just get up there and do what she does, which is to sing and perform so well it was fantastic.”She has already performed at the circus as it made its way through the state, and for her getting on stage doesn’t bring out butterflies, it brings out a new Meg.”When I’m in front of a camera or a crowd, I have a completely different personality than when I’m at school or with my friends. I feel a lot more comfortable.”Her Mother said, “I think she’s who she’s supposed to be when she’s on stage.”Before getting to sing in front of the judges, she had to write an essay about what the Star Spangled Banner means to her.She wrote about going to the circus as a little girl, and how it wasn’t the clowns or a particular act the stood out, it was the Anthem. “One song could make a whole group of people, a whole auditorium of people, that had never met and didn’t know each other feel the exact same thing and I think as a musician, music is like that connect between people, and I it can make a whole group just feel and understand each other ina way that nothing else can.”Meg would like to continue to sing and act on stage, and her dream is to perform on Broadway some day.”I’m really excited to get all these opportunities to just have the chance to sing in front of people and have them hear me sing.”Her next appearance will be in Portland at a Sea Dogs game June 1st.