Bangor Bans Sale of Synthetic Drugs 

The sale of synthetic drugs is now banned in Bangor.Monday night, the city council unanimously passed emergency legislation that prevents stores from selling synthetic marijuana and bath salts products.Councilors say that merchandise such as “spice” has become increasingly popular in the city and caused a public health concern.The items, which are legal to purchase in many areas, can cause a number of side effects including nausea, anxiety, and a rapid heart rate.The council had previously asked three stores to cease selling the items.One did not comply.They now have 10 days to stop selling the products or face fines up to $500.Also at Monday’s meeting, the council accepted the appointment of Mark J. Hathaway as the city’s new chief of police.Councilors say they’re confident is his ability to lead, especially in dealing with the sale of synthetic drugs.