Women Hard At Work In Hampden For Habitat For Humanity 

More than 10,000 women are expected to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity construction sites across the country this week as part of the nonprofit organization’s “National Women Build Week.”A week that inspires women to build affordable housing for their communities.”It’s all about educating women, empowering women, and getting them out on the job site. This is something that women can do too,” said Amanda Charette, Operations Manager for Habitat Humanity of Greater Bangor. Despite the wet weather, a number of women from the Bangor area sawed away.”We got a little bit of rain were dealing with, but these girls aren’t stopping,” said Charette. For Linda Brangwynne, she’s giving back to an organization that helped house her and her family.”We applied about three years ago and we got house number 13. We’re really happy. Very blessed. Me and my husband will always stay involved. Hopefully as they build new houses because we’re just so excited for the family now that they’re going through the same thing we went through,” she said. The family from Brewer who will receive the house are sure to enjoy their new digs.”They are so super excited. It’s a young couple. They have one child. It’s 2.5 and they have one on the way. So this house is due to be ready as she delivers so hopefully she can bring the new baby home to the new house,” said Charette. While these three friends might have been first time builders, the jumped on the opportunity to help.”It’s an awesome way to give back and I just always wanted to volunteer for this project so I’m really excited to be able to do it,” said volunteer Jennifer Brown. “I think it was actually easier than we thought it would be. A chance for women to prove that we can do it just as well as they can,” laughed volunteer Jennifer Kuespert. Girl power at it’s finest.