Workforce Committee Unveils Comprehensive Plan To Close Skills Gap In Maine 

A bipartisan panel in Augusta has released their recommendations to close the skills gap in Maine’s workforce.The workforce committee is made up of Democrats, Republicans and one Unenrolled lawmaker.”The skills gap is a very real issue for us and it will dictate our future if we don’t step up and take the issue on,” John Fitzsimmons, President of the Maine Community College System told reporters Thursday.Their proposal is a comprehensive approach that does things like fund four new community college programs. The plan also requires state government departments to work with colleges and universities to align their programs with the needs of workers and businesses.The bill will boost the number of Mainers with college degrees with a new credit transfer system between and among campuses and systems,” said Assistant Majority Leader Seth Berry of Bowdoinham, who’s also a co-chair on the committee. “It will also help some of the 200,000 Mainers who have some college but have not completed college return to schools and get their degrees.”All parties involved are calling the new legislation a success.The bill is expected to be on the house floor for a vote as soon as next week.To read all the details of the committee’s work follow this link: