Roaming Rob: Ziplining 

With summer just around the corner, the outdoor activities Maine offers are certainly not in short-supply. We sent Roaming Rob to check out one activity many may not be aware Maine has.Ziplines have been used throughout the world in one form or another for hundreds of years.“I’m here at Sunday River for my ziplining adventure. Let’s not waste any time and get geared up and good to go.”Before gearing up, Zipline manager Tim Kavanaugh introduced us to our guides and their duties.“Patty is your wingman. She’s responsible for catching you as you come in.”“Alan is gonna be your brakes. So he’s responsible for slowing you down as you go into each of the landing platforms.”“James is gonna be your pilot. James is responsible for hooking you up to the cable each time you take a ride.”Our guides helped us suit up before we piled into an all-terrain vehicle and headed up the mountain to the course. We were told the ziplines start out easy and get progressively more exciting.“Just got dropped off at zipline 1. We’re gonna get a good safety briefing from our guides and head down: the beginning of our ziplining adventure.”My anticipation began to build as I watched the guides perform their safety checks and send the others in our group down the line…then it was my turn.“So I’m just gonna walk down and have fun?”“Good to go.”“All right..we’re ready. Let’s do this!”My ride down zipline #1 definitely brought a rush of adrenaline. But the feeling of dangling in the air made me tense up…afraid to let go of the lines.So we’ve got our brake guy going. He’s gonna head down. This is line #2. We’ve got a nice waterfall in the background actually.”“60ft drop after that pile, so look down!”Line #2 was longer and faster than the first and allowed me to get a little more comfortable. It wasn’t until the 70ft high zipline #3 when I really noticed the intensity picking up. The guides tugged on the line to create a bungee-like experience. For zipline #4, it was time to try a new trick.“What I’m gonna do is kick my feet up and latch my toes or ankles around these lanyards here. At that point, I’ll be able to fully extend upside-down, looking back, just hanging out into a spider. Just like a spider would.”“This is what we do for you.”It was a rush to sit upside down on the while riding on the longest zipline on the course…but I’m not gonna lie: I was nervous and could not bring myself to let go of the lines.“So this is zip line #5. This is Patty’s time to do a trick.”“So how I’m gonna do a front flip is: I’m gonna take these lanyards, tuck them behind my arms, and them I’m gonna keep my hands in front and jump up into a flip. You have to commit to it.”It was my turn to tackle the front flip and the adrenaline was pumping. I don’t have much experience when it comes to diving and the brook right below the platform made me even more nervous…but I gave it a try.“And that’s what happens when you fail.”“This is the fastest zipline that we’ve encountered. What is the speed on this one?”“About 25-30 mph.”“We’re given a rock and there’s a pool next to a tree (that’s actually pretty close to the zipline) and the game with this one is to try to get the rock in that pool. So far, we’ve got 1 out of 3.”“Well, there you have it. We’re just getting ready to go on to the final zipline – zipline 7. We’ve had a great time today. A big thanks to the folks at Sunday River. Patty, these aren’t open just yet but they will be opening soon?”“Yes, we start opening up on June 21st and we’re gonna run tours on our 7 lines. Thursday-Sunday, 5 tours a day by reservation.” “That’s all for now. I’m Roaming Rob. We’ll see you next time on WABI-TV5 News.”For more info about Sunday River’s Ziplines, visit: