Kitchen Fire in Corinth 

Fire fighters were called to a house fire in Corinth around 2 a.m. Thursday.When crews arrived on Exeter Road, they saw heavy smoke and flames in the kitchen.We’re told two people were home when the fire broke out.One of the residents tried putting out the flames himself, before calling 9-1-1.Fire fighters say something was either cooking or had been cooking on the stove.”The cabinets and the ceiling all around the stove were on fire. Crews did a very nice job of quickly knocking the fire down and over hauling, ventilating,” says Corinth Fire Chief Scott Bragdon. “We actually removed the stove and very minor damage to the kitchen.”Chief Bragdon says at this point, it appears a malfunction with the electrical stove is to blame for the fire.He adds the residents will be able to continue staying at the home.