Bangor Business Expo Connects Local Companies 

More than 100 businesses mingled in Bangor on Thursday. “It is strongly a business to business event and there’s everything from pest control to legal services to accounting to banks,” said John Porter, President & CEO of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. “We have a lot of local clients that we’ve worked with in the past and it’s a good chance to come out and see people that we haven’t seen in a while and find out what’s going on in their businesses,” said Shelly Lizotte, a civil engineer in Bangor. It was also a good learning experience for these Bangor business partners.”The best thing is the seminars they had this morning. One was talking about marketing for your small business and that’s helpful,” said Lizotte who browsed the Expo with architect, Ellen Angel. While many recognizable eateries served up their specialties, the Expo was great exposure for this up and coming cupcake connoisseur. “The chamber called and invited me to attend this event. I was really flattered. To be invited to an event like this for my business, it’s just really wonderful,” said Taylor Maynard creator of Cupcakes By Taylor. A full time banker and part time student, she’s hoping to focus more on the frosting.”I was really nervous. This is my really first big event and I made 500 cupcakes for today. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding then watching people eat and love it and have this for advertising. It’s just really incredible,” said the baker whose business can be found on Facebook by searching “Cupcakes by Taylor.” Chris of Chris Downs Computer Room in Brewer had his hands full.”I really wanted to make some business contacts because a lot of businesses are going with iPads and iPhones and I’ve had a lot of people really interested and taking my cards. It’s been great,” said Downs. This was the first time the iPhone, iPad and computer repair biz had a booth.”It’s a very focused kind of an Expo that has been better than we expected it to be and he’s actually, yes, he’s done a couple of repairs today, so that’s been nice,” said his wife, Lori Downs. “You know the best thing about today will be the connections that people make. The energy in the room is really fantastic. It really is reflective of the energy in the Bangor business community,” said Porter. This was the last Expo held in the Old Civic Center.