UMaine Reveals the First Off Shore Floating Wind Turbine in the US 

The University of Maine is making history.UMaine unveiled the VolturnUS on Wednesday. It’s the first gird-connected floating off shore wind turbine off the coast of the US.The hull of the turbine was revealed at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center on the Orono campus. It’s only one-eighth the size of what the completed project will be.When VolturnUS sits off the shore, it will be taller than the Washington Monument and have a diameter larger than a football field.Director of the project, Dr. Habib Dagher, said this completely maine-made product will put the pine tree state a step above the rest when it comes to wind energy. “We have an opportunity to sell this electricity to the entire New England region. We we become an exporter of electrons, just like we export lobsters, export potatoes, export paper, we could be exporting electrons. It’s another natural resource that we have that can create thousands of jobs here in the state.”It will be deployed from Cianbro’s headquarters in Brewer on May 31st.By 2020, the design team hopes to have 160 units floating off the gulf of Maine.