Take This Job & Love It: Hutchings Greenhouse 

April showers bring May flowers, and that made Chelsey Anderson very busy in this Take This Job & Love It.Beth Hutchings, Owner, Hutchings Greenhouse, Eddington: “Welcome to Hutchings Greenhouse. Are you ready to go to work?” Chelsey: “I am.” Beth: “Let’s go.”Beth: “This is greenhouse 2 and we have Wind doing arrangements today.”Wind, Hutchings Greenhouse: “What I think I’ll do to start training you is put together a traditional one and then we can work on one together. So, I’m going to put 3 of these. They are a cross between an ivy geranium and a regular geranium. You can see how the hight effect comes in. The red flowers come out. So that’s kind of a very basic arrangement that people want. Now you just try one yourself. So if you just want to try a few plants you think would look good.”Chelsey: “Well, I really like these. Is this the same kind, just a different color?” Wind: “Yep. It’s copper amethyst.” Chelsey: “That’s really pretty. If I put in an orange one is that too much going on?” Wind: “Well press it in there. ” Chelsey: “It kind of brings that copper one out.” Wind: “That’s really a nice combination actually. Then I think you might try the alyssum.” Chelsey: “Just kind of piece those little ones in.” Wind: “One, two, three. I think it’s perfect. It’s wonderful.” Chelsey: “Moving on to tomatoes now, so we’ll see what happens.”Beth: “Chelsey, this is greenhouse 4. This is where vegetables are. Sally Gilbert is transplanting our tomatoes and she’ll show you what to do.” Chelsey: “Thanks a lot Beth.”Sally, Hutchings Greenhouse: “So, one plant per cell and when you find 2 like this you just want to pick them up and just grab the leaf and you slowly tease it apart. Poke a hole. Take your seedling. And you can, they’re very flexible and you can more or less fold up that stem. Plunk it in, and then gently fill in the soil around it. Every once in a while I find a teeny tiny plant and I just take it and I stick it in the corner and I use it as a backup or some people find them and hey, they get an extra plant in their six plant.” Chelsey: “Yeah. I’ve been like that. I’m like, ‘I’m a winner!'” (laughter)Chelsey: “Oh, look. Last one.” Sally: “So we just put one in the lower left hand corner of each 6 pack.” Chelsey: “Thanks Sally. I’m going to move over to cucumbers with Tina.” Sally: “Thanks for all your help Chelsey.” Chelsey: “Hi Tina. So we’re planting cucumbers today.”Tina: “First we do it this way. We push it down.” Chelsey: “And they are wet. They are soggy wet.” Tina: “We put the seeds in. First I put 2 seeds on this and then I put one each.” Chelsey: “Oh, so 2….” Tina: “In the corner.” Chelsey: “Okay.”Tina: “We need to put the dirt on top and I just go lightly.” Chelsey: “So, we’re just covering the seeds up a little bit.” Tina: “And then after that you wet them down.” (nat watering)Tina: “And then we get the label and we go in the middle. That’s it.” Chelsey: “That’s it! Now we have cucumbers ready to go.”Chelsey: “Okay ladies, so I’ve spent the day with you. How did it turn out. Do I have the job?” Wind: “I think you did really well for the colors in the arrangements. So yeah, I think you would do really good with our arrangements. How did she do with the cucumbers, Tina?” Tina: “Do pretty good. Easy to remember stuff and to listen to what I say. And how did she do in tomato?” Sally: “Yeah, I agree. She listens to directions and she did the tomatoes really deep, right where they need to be.” Wind: “What do you think Beth?” Beth: “I think we’ll hire her! When are you ready to start?” Chelsey: “Thank you!” Beth: “Let’s get to work!” Chelsey: “Sounds good!”Hutchings Green House is located off Route 178 in Eddington.