Largest One Day Food Drive 

Stamping out hunger, that’s the mission on Saturday, as The National Letter Carriers’ Association holds the largest one day food drive in the country.They team up with AARP and the United Way to collect goods.Everything donated will go to area pantries.Carriers and volunteers will be collecting food.”This is the largest food drive for pantries of the year. Last year, even just in Eastern Maine alone, we brought in over 81,000 pounds of food and its huge for the food pantries, and they find that while they get quite a few donations around the holidays, when it comes to kind of early spring and in summer, the donations drop quite a bit. So, this is a huge drive. It helps get them through for the next few months,” said Sarah Yasner.”We have some people that will come and they’ll feel bad that they’re only bringing two bags of food, but if you get ten people bringing two bags of food, that’s a good amount of food. So, every back of food makes a big difference,” said Doug Cushman.Donating on Saturday is easy.Just leave non-perishables in a bag by your mailbox and a postal worker or a volunteer will pick it up.You can also bring donations to any post office, for more information, you can call your local post office or The United Way at 941-2800.