Iconic Brewer Flower Shop Closing After 28 Years In Business 

Things haven’t always been easy for the owner of Marie’s Flower Shop.”I have had four different locations due to buildings being torn down and a fire at one point. It’s been a struggle a little bit to keep moving, but it’s fun,” said Marie Patterson. Despite the difficulties, her love for the business has kept it in full bloom for 28 years.”The fact that you can make someone feel better even if you know your grandmother passes away, you can still somewhat put a smile on someone’s face. You make them feel comfortable and relaxed. And I mean a bride’s special day, you can’t beat that one,” she said. A life long dream to open a flower shop, the closing is bittersweet. “I’m going to really miss it. I am. It’s just now with the way the economy is, the big box stores have all gotten into flowers, and I’m sorry I’m just getting old,” said Patterson laughing. Not only did she make her own wedding flowers and her parent’s casket mound, but she’s also made an impact on the community.”When I need flowers for special occasions this is where I come,” said customer Tim Archer. Archer was in the store to order flowers for his wife for their 37th wedding anniversary.”They do a really nice job down here. It’s a very small personalized business and they take care of their customers in a really neat way,” said Archer. While Archer isn’t a frequent flower buyer, he knows the closure will have an impact on his hometown.”It’s not going to effect me a whole lot, but I’ll have to go somewhere else obviously to buy my flowers and that’s an inconvenience because I like to keep money in Brewer if I possibly can,” he said. “It’s been a very hard decision to make this. I’ve had some very loyal customers, vendors, and the community has been great,” said Patterson. Marie’s Flower Shop will be closing on Saturday, May 25th. She’ll be holding an everything must go yard sale on the days leading up to the store’s closing. Location, dates, and times are listed below: Marie’s Flower Shop 385 S Main St., Brewer Thursday, May 23th 9am-4pmFriday, May 24th 9am-4pmSaturday, May 25th 9am-12pm