Alfond Center For Health 

Maine General Medical Center is calling its new hospital a “game changer” in healthcare.Before 1,700 staffers move into their new home, they decided to let the public check out the space.”All of this work will be completed and the Alfond Center will be open on November 9th, as I take a deep breath.”A cutting edge hospital with a price tag of 225 million dollars opened its doors for the first time on Tuesday. “Obviously it is still under construction but as you see.”The nearly 12 million dollars donated from the public has helped Maine General create the new “Alfond Center for Health”, a medical institution that has these benefactors chomping at the bit to see more of. “We’ve been trying to sneak under the yellow chain but we can’t quite get there yet. Give it about an hour and you will.” “I think that they’re amazed about the single rooms and the privacy and the size quite frankly of some of the rooms and the way that it is laid out.”An expedited building and design process made possible by their choice to hire an architect and contractor before design was done. “The window comes down a little bit lower. That is done actually on purpose so that when a patient is lying in bed, they get the most natural light that is possible.” A technique that he says helps to cut down of the use of pain medication, but possibly the most feel good moment of the night was the dedication of the facility’s office building to their former President Scott Bullock.”He has demonstrated that you can be a nice person and still expect staff to give their best every day.”A level of leadership and kindness that community officials believe speaks to the attitude of the area. And former patients of the old campus know will help lift spirits of the sick. “And then all of a sudden I’m leaving and ahhh, it is wonderful.”