State Ethics Boards Issues Report on Hancock County Prosecutor 

A state ethics board has issued a report on a prosecutor in Hancock County, saying, among other things, she engaged in conduct unworthy of an attorney. The Maine Supreme Court will have the final say on whether Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett should face any punishment.The reported comes out of a recommendation the Maine Overseers of the Bar made last year that said Kellett should be suspended for violating seven rules of the bar. It centers on a case Kellett prosecuted in 2009. Vladek Filler was convicted of sexually assaulting his wife, but was cleared two years later by a judge who ruled evidence was left out of the trial and Kellett made improper statements to the jury.Filler also said he never received evidence he requested from the state.Kellett has until mid-May to respond to the report. Then one member of the Maine Supreme Court will hold a hearing on Kellett’s conduct and decide if she should be suspended.