No Bail for Bangor Man Accused of Murdering Girlfriend 

A Bangor man charged with murder in the death of his live-in girlfriend is being held without bail. David Coon, 50, was in court Tuesday afternoon. He is accused of killing Sherry Clifford, 49. Clifford’s body was found Friday in their apartment on Jefferson Street in Bangor. According to court documents, Coon originally called police and told them Clifford had “drank herself to death.” Coon also said during the 911 call that he had been attacked by Clifford. When police got to the apartment, Clifford was dead on the floor.Coon reportedly voluntarily went to the police station to talk about what happened. Court documents state Coon told police Clifford “freaked out” when he tried to stop her from drinking. Coon reportedly said he and Clifford were both alcoholics and that Clifford “attacked him” when he told her she couldn’t drink. Police asked Coon if he was injured by Clifford, he said no, but police did notice scrapes on his arm and a bite mark on his back. Court documents go on to state that Coon admitted to wrestling with Clifford for about five minutes. Coon reportedly told police he pinned Clifford on the floor and she told him she couldn’t breath. Coon reportedly told police he put his hand over Clifford’s mouth to “quiet her”. The medical examiner determined Clifford died of asphyxiation with some neck compression. The report also states the doctor discovered “hemorrhaging in the neck region just under the jaw bone.”According to court documents, Clifford told police he was “squeezing tightly on Clifford’s face and although he doesn’t recall this, it is possible that his hand may have slid to Clifford’s neck during the incident.”Coon is being held without bail until a bail hearing on May 21st. Coon’s attorney, Jeff Silverstein, says Coon is “anguished” about what happened. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson is representing the state, he declined to comment to reporters.