A Bar Harbor Woman’s Loss Inspires A Beneficial Business 

In January, a pregnant Bar Harbor woman lost her child after contracting the flu.Lindsay Cough was heartbroken, but just weeks later, she crocheted her sadness into something positive. “I’d be counting the stitches and keeping track of where I am and what I want to do, how I want it to look. It was drawing my feelings away from being sad,” said Cough. After the death of her daughter Henrietta, she turned to something she watched her dad do years ago.”After messing around with the yarn and the hook for a little while, I realized I could create just about anything. I started having fun making the hats. I started making way too many and was giving them away to people,” she said. All in honor of Hen.”When we talk about what we would have done with her or when we talk about the thing that we wanted to do with her, it was just simply Hen. It’s not Henrietta. And it sounds cute. Hen’s Hats,” said Cough. First, she began giving them away to pregnant women she met online, then she sold them on sites like Etsy and Crushpath.”I started realizing that it was bringing comfort to me to be doing something that would help somebody else which is why I don’t want to keep all of the profits,” said Cough. Five percent of what she makes goes to the March of Dimes, a foundation “working together for stronger, healthier babies.””My goal is to send at least $100 every three months to the March of Dimes, and if I can do more, that would make me even happier. I appreciate what they do. It’s just a very small way that I can help prevent other people from feeling that pain.”Hen would be happy.”A lot of my friends keep telling me that she’d be proud and they remind me that my little angel is right there and applauding my efforts.”To purchase a Hen’s Hats item, visit: