Penquis: Round Table Discussion 

Pricilla Perry talks about inviting folks to take part of a round table discussion about issues facing teens in our community!The event will take place on May 16th at 2:30 at Penquis. (262 Harlow St.)   ·         Data shows that Maine teens are at significant risk for teen pregnancy, STDs, sexual violence, and harassment ·         Penquis Health Services has heard from a number of school personnel who have voiced concerns regarding the risk taking behaviors of youth, the misinformation and lack of information that youth have regarding STDs and risk of pregnancy, and the lack of resources in the schools to address sexual behaviors.  ·         Many students feel pressured to engage in sexual activity because they don’t know how to say no or say no in a confident, informed way.  ·         In an effort to address these issues, Penquis Health Services has scheduled roundtable discussions to engage the community in sharing problems and working together to identify solutions.  ·         The ultimate goal is to increase education, support and services available to youth around sexual health issues so that youth make informed and healthy decisions. ·         We are also inviting folks to share their concerns, issues and possible solution to help teens at risk on the Penquis  Facebook page either as a post on the wall or a private message.  Those comments will be added to the round table discussion!