Old Town Man Sentenced To 3 Years For Robberies 

The second of two men to plead guilty for robberies in Veazie and Milford last year was sentenced Monday.Prosecutors hope a message was sent not only to Anthony Patricelli of Old Town, but to other criminals as well.”Eight years is certainly appropriate as a sentence in these cases, suspending all but three based on the fact he hasn’t been on probation before and hasn’t been in the department of corrections before, probably reasonable,” said the Honorable William Anderson in the court room at the Penobscot Judicial Center during sentencing.Anthony Patricelli pleaded guilty in March for robbing the Veazie Mini Mart and a home in Milford in November of last year. A pellet gun was used in both robberies.”I’m hoping to show when one enters a store and commits a robbery, a crime against a person is taken seriously by our office and the judiciary and perhaps discourage some of these,” said Deputy District Attorney Mike Roberts.The 20 year old Patricelli spoke before he was sentenced. He said he’d been using drugs at the time but he took responsibility for his actions, and vowed to pay his debt to society. “I would like to end off by saying that, the man you see today is not the man that you would have seen a little less than a year ago.”The other person involved in the robberies, John Taylor, pleaded guilty too and he was sentenced to six years behind bars. Taylor was ordered to pay 20 thousand dollars of restitution to the victims. That all factored into Patricelli’s sentencing according to Roberts. “Couldn’t give Mr. Patricelli the same or more because he had fewer crimes. Once we resolved the Taylor matter it was relatively easy to arrive at a sentence for Mr. Patricelli.”Patricelli will be on probation for three years after he is released from jail.