NICU Families Reunite at EMMC 

Kids were running around Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor thanks to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.The Medical Center held it’s annual NICU reunion on Sunday.The event brings together families who needed special medical attention when their babies were born.Nurse’s said it’s amazing to see how the children have grown.Clinical Nurse Lisa Barnett said, “As a result, our nurses develop very very intense relationships and friendships. Beyond friendships, you almost really become part of their family. It’s a really honored position to be in.””We thought it was important that they see her progress and see how she’s grown. If it weren’t for them, ya know, she wouldn’t be here today. It means a lot to us,” said The Pagel Family. Their daughter Bailey was a former NICU patient.The unit at EMMC admits about 400 newborns each year.