12-Year-Old Bangor Slugger Holding Second Annual Charity Softball Tournament 

When you meet Tommy Hosmer, right off the bat, you can see his love for baseball.Spend just a little time with this twelve-year-old, and you’ll quickly find that what he loves, even more than the Red Sox themselves, is his family.A few years back, he lost a very important member of his family.”He lost his Mimi from ovarian cancer when he was nine years old. She was diagnosed when he was in kindergarten. He truly saw the effects cancer does to you. He was right there, all of the family was, throughout the whole sickness and during her passing,” said his mom, Bobbi Hosmer.Since then, he’s been trying to honor her memory by doing some fundraising.”So far, in three years, he’s raised over $10, 000 for cancer care,” said his mom.Last year, with the help of his parents,Tommy hit a homerun when he came up with the idea to hold a charity softball tournament.”I decided to do something ‘sportsys’ to combine my love for sports, and her, and her love for sports. She liked to be with family a lot. She liked to come watch me play baseball,” said Tommy.Most are returning for a second year but Tommy’s tournament is down a few teams.They’re hoping to get 12 co-ed teams signed up by game time.No matter how many people turn out this year, the pride his parents feel about their son’s event is irreplaceable.”For his age, to come up with something like this, on his own. I mean, we help him, but it’s just an amazing feeling to have people come up to you, strangers, say, ‘your kid is pretty awesome,’ and we believe that. He’s got a good heart, he knows what he wants, and we’re here to do whatever we can for him,” said his dad, Paul Hosmer.”He’s always been a very thoughtful young boy. He’s always donated and tried to make a difference, and just proud to see where he’s going to go with this. I’m anxious to see where he’s going to take it. It’s non-stop for him I think,” said Bobbi Hosmer.The tournament is next Saturday at the Union Street Athletic Complex.It starts at 8 am.It’s $250 per team to enter.For more information, yo can go to the Team Mimi’s Second Annual Softball Tournament page on Facebook.You can also call Paul Hosmer, at 974-8005.All proceeds go to EMMC’s Champion the Cure Challenge to benefit the Cancer Care Center in Brewer.