Alleged Victims Of North Pond Hermit Have Chance To Reclaim Stolen Items 

People who thought they may have had items stolen by the man known as the North Pond Hermit had a chance to reclaim them today at a public meeting closed to the media.47-year-old Christopher Knight has been charged with two counts each of burglary and theft, but police believe he has committed over one thousand burglaries in the Rome and Smithfield area for almost three decades.”District attorney is here to talk to them today, so they can voice their opinions on the past events. How they feel,” said Maine State Trooper Diane Vance. “It’s also an opportunity for them to express what they’d like to see in terms of sentencing. For someone they did catch him in their house and that of course is always extremely frightening,” said Maeghan Maloney, Kennebec and Somerset District Attorney. After, they wrote a list of items they believe were taken from their homes over the years and gave it to the troopers to see if they found any matches from items taken from the hermit’s campsite.”I found my cooler and I found my new rain jacket which, probably, I don’t know if I’m going to wear it again or not, but I claimed them just so they could file them, another charge on him,” said David Proulx. While the recently stolen cooler and jacket were recovered, he believes these weren’t the only things stolen from his camp over the past few decades.”They even asked him to spell my last name when he admitted to breaking in to my place quite a few times, as not many people could spell my last name, and he knew how to spell it right off,” said Proulx. But overall Proulx said, he and his neighbors are relieved this hermit’s been caught.”I’m glad that now people can be at ease and move on from here because there’s finally, after 27 years, a resolution to the situation,” said Trooper Vance. If you believe you were a victim and were unable to attend the meeting on Saturday to possibly claim any of your missing items, contact the Maine State Police Skowhegan Barrack at 474-3350.