Middle Schoolers Clean Bangor Waterfront 

The Bangor Waterfront is looking a bit nicer thanks to a cooperative clean up between cross town rivals. 8th grade students from the Cohen and Doughty schools volunteered their time after school Friday. They met just behind the site for the Darling’s Waterfront Concert and collected cans and other garbage. The students were surprised to find that folks in town have done a pretty nice job keeping the area clean. “When we came here, not a lot of trash was here which is really nice because it was a lot less than I expected it to be,” said Cohen School 8th grader Sarah Gilmore. “It makes me feel great. I love always doing this, helping out the community, working with friends to do it is a great group effort for our school,” added Oliver Higgins, an 8th grader from the Cohen School. Students say they’re looking forward to attending high school together in the fall at Bangor High School.