Maine Family Honored for Supporting UMaine Reading Program 

It’s been said that reading is the key to success and one family in Maine has been helping students with literacy for 20 years.The Galen Cole Family were honored on Friday for their support Reading Recovery program.The early intervention program helps first grade students who are struggling with literacy through the University of Maine. Teachers work one-on-one with students to get them up to speed.Suzanne Cole says she got involved because she loved to read with her five children. “You can’t do anything in life without reading. I used to tell me oldest daughter, how could she cook if she can’t read?””Whether it’s reading or writing or math or history, the literacy is foundational to all those subjects. We know that and the Cole’s know that,” said Tammi Matula, a teacher.This year, teachers are working with 5,000 first graders around the state.Over 32,000 students have benefited from the initiative since 1993.