Ellsworth Middle Schoolers Celebrate Town’s Heritage 

There’s a big celebration in the works for Ellsworth. The city is turning 250. On Friday, local students got in on the fun. The clothing kids were wearing at Ellsworth Elementary Middle School was a bit different than usual.”We wanted them to have an opportunity to celebrate and be involved in the history of Ellsworth,” said Thelma Beal, the event coordinator.The students wore colonial garb as part of a school assignment. “We researched the history of Ellsworth because it’s 250 years old this year and we presented to classmates and to judges on what we learned,” said Maya Pelleitier, an 8th grader at the school.”So many years of people coming and the industries and shipbuilding, stuff like that. Everything that’s happened over the years,” commented Jillian Dow.One eighth grade student, Orion Fellis, learned a lot about Graham Lake. “I actually never knew that there was a man who actually was named Graham Lake. I thought it was just something everyone came together and made in the town, but I didn’t know it was actually a man. I thought it was pretty cool that it was.”It’s an assignment the kids don’t mind doing. “It helped me out learning about my family, about this town, about what’s happened to it and how it’s really effected this place,” Orion, continued, “It’s pretty cool.” The big Ellsworth celebration is July 20th through the 27th. There are all sorts of events planned.