Panel Working Toward Compromise On Gun Control Bills – Likely To Include Expanded Background Checks 

A bill to restrict ammo magazines to ten rounds has been shot down by state lawmakers.The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee rejected the proposal submitted by Senate President Justin Alfond. A Democrat on the committee said Democrats unanimously killed the bill as a good faith gesture as that panel is working toward a compromise on several gun control measures.That compromise will likely include expanded background checks.Berwick Democrat Joshua Plante says they’ll likely combine all the remaining bills into one bill to send to the House floor. “The proposal right now is to find a way to fix the problem in the background checks system and the holes in mental health, in terms of those who have gotten guns who really shouldn’t have them because of their mental status. What we want to do is find a way to put a compromise together,” Plante said.Plante says he expects it to take several work sessions to reach compromise and finalize a bill.