United Bikers of Maine Kick off Safety Awareness Month at Blaine House 

Dozens of motorcycles circled the Blaine House on Wednesday.The United Bikers of Maine kicked-off Motorcylce Safety Awareness month with the governor and his wife.First Lady Ann LePage made her grand entrance to the event on the back of a bike driven by a member of UBM’s Kennebec county chapter.Several speakers talked about the importance of motorcycle safety and also discussed the charity work done by the United Bikers of Maine.”We have a proclamation, and I’d like to ask my lovely wife if she would read it since she does a much better job than I do and she’s much more pleasing to the eyes,” commented Fulton Butler of the UBM. “Okay honey get outta my way,” his wife piped in. “I would like to point out that at this time all the various counties have raised funds totaling loosely, the UBM counties have raised and donated in excess of $24,000 to various charities such as the Children’s Cancer Fund.”Colonel Robert Williams of the state police also spoke at the event urging bikers to ride sober.According to statistics released from the Maine Department of Public Safety, in 42% of single motorcycle crashes, the drivers were drunk.There were 24 motorcycle fatalities in Maine last year.