Kindergarten Students Have Fun in Bangor 

Some kindergarten students from the DW Merritt School in Addison did something special on Tuesday. They took a trip to Bangor, to get a closer look at what they’ve been learning about in class. On a typical school day, these kids are doing work in the classroom. ” Math and science and how to do crafts and we write sentences, too,” explained Briana, who is a kindergarten student. Every once and a while, the students need a different way to learn. ” They’ll talk about this and remember this forever,” said Alicia Babiarz, kindergarten teacher at DW Merritt School. This class is taking over the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor. ” We have been doing good in school and this is a field trip,” said Kendall, another kindergarten student. It’s a fun way to connect lessons from the classroom to every day life. ” We get to see it and touch it and feel it when we’re here. This museum makes it real,” said Babiarz. ” It’s very fun and I really like it here. It’s like magic is happening,” added Briana. The kids check out habitats, boats, animals and more. They even give paper making a try. ” We’ll write about it when we get back. We’ll make little dioramas,” said Babiarz. It’s a chance for students to learn, while having a lot of fun.