Discounts Available for Some for Emergency Help Button System 

Seniors and those with disabilities who can’t afford an emergency help button could be eligible for a discount.LiveSAFE, which is offered through Rosscare in Bangor, provides help 24-hours a day.The service is usually $32 a month.But thanks to sponsorship funds, customers who meet income eligibility requirements can get $10 a month knocked off their bill. The service is used with a landline phone. With the push of a button, customers are connected to a central call center in Maine. Jennifer Maskala, LiveSAFE manager, says, “They can call one of their responders on the list to come over and help them – a neighbor, a friend, a relative to come help them. Or if it’s an emergency we can call dispatch and they can dispatch either the fire department, police or an ambulance.”To find out more about the service and if you’re eligible for a discount, contact Rosscare LiveSAFE at 973-7094. Or you can log on to