Maine Going With Hewlett-Packard For School Laptop Program 

Teachers in Maine will need to spend some of their summer vacation on the computer.The state of Maine is changing the laptops used for students in the Maine Technology Learning Initiative, going from Apple Macbooks, to Hewlett Packard Probooks.It will be switch from Apple programs to Windows based programs.There were a number of options presented, and for the folks at RSU 34, the Old Town School district, whether it was an Apple or Hewlett Packard didn’t matter to them.The important part was it was a laptop computer, instead of a tablet which was one of the proposals.”Much of the standardized testing that’s being used at the moment kind of requires a hard keyboard,” said RSU 34 I.T. Director Jef Hamlin. “Either of the solutions, the tablet solutions would have required us to purchase additional things to accomplish that, the ratio that we needed for keyboards to kids.”The State Department of Education will provide the new HP Probooks this summer.If schools would like a different option, like a tablet, or an Apple Macbook laptop, the schools can purchase them, and the State will fund the amount up to the cost of the Hewlett Packard and the school will cover the remaining cost.