Bangor Students Battle To Be Hacking Champions In National Competition 

John Bapst High School students have been breaking their way into a national competition called “Toaster Wars.”The battle is hosted by the U.S. National Security Agency and Carnegie Mellon University.The goal is to be the best hackers.Around 1,400 teams from all over the country are participating.They’ll apply skills to help them solve a series of challenges centered around a specific storyline.”Some of it actually is hacking, but most of it’s analyzing going through, looking at what things are, see what’s hidden inside files,” said participant and junior, Leland Mushrall.”This is a hacking competition, which is a word that’s widely used, usually in a negative sense, but this is actually sponsored by the NSA and hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. It’s a series of problems that the students need to solve to get from one level to another.It’s intended to develop interest for students in computer science fields by creating a game play. Most of these students are also involved in cyber-defense, which is the other side of the coin,” said the associate director of technology, Michael Murphy.The point of this adventure is to keep young minds interested in the cyber world and curious about computer security.Participants have until May 6th to complete as many challenges as they can.Some of the Bapst students have already spent over ten hours hacking and decrypting.Cash and educational prizes are up for grabs.