Antique Show Raises Money for the Elderly and Disabled 

People headed to an Orono retirement community to find out if their trash could be a treasure on Saturday.Dirigo Pines held their 4th Annual Antique Appraisal event.People brought in anything they wanted and were able find out just how much it is worth.The event benefits LifeSafe of Rosscare. LifeSafe is a help button which could save the life of someone who is elderly or disabled in an emergency. LiveSafe Manager, Jennifer Maskala, said “If you’re talking about someone who lives alone and makes under $17,000 a year and we have the funds available, we can give them $10 off their monthly rate at $22. We are able to help with the income from this event.Appraiser Bruce Buxton said, “We’re excited. Some people walked away thinking ‘Whoa, this is wonderful. I thought this was terrible and was going to bring it to good will, but I’m not now.'” Organizers plan to hold the event again next year on the last Saturday in April.