Prom Brings Positivity To Brooklin Teen Despite A Health Setback 

A Deer Isle Stonington High School student has beaten the odds.Diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011, Brandon Higgins, a junior with Asperger’s, was told he only had a year and a half to live.Two years later, things might not be easy, but Brandon and his family are staying positive.”In 2011, I was diagnosed with brain cancer, so yah things have been tough,” said Brandon Higgins. While his cancer has been in remission, this week was especially difficult. Brandon found out the tumor has grown. He and his family won’t know for a few months if it’s cancerous. “It’s been a tough week, but we have something to look forward to and something to work towards. We have prom this weekend,” said his mother, Louanne Higgins. As students at Deer Isle-Stonington High School set up for the event, Brandon’s excitement grows. “The best part itself is always finding out who got king and queen. It might happen for me, but I think one of my friends is probably going get it though,” he said. Lessening the stress of the week, the nonprofit Queen’s Closet donated a tux for Brandon to wear. “I think I looked good. My mom thought I looked better though,” said Brandon Higgins. “I think he looks very handsome, but I think moms tend to be a little prejudiced,” said his mother. A prom where parents and community members are asked to attend, the event is a milestone. “I get to participate in the grand march with Brandon. It’s just another positive goal that we’ve met in this devastating role of having cancer,” said Louanne Higgins. “It makes you feel good that you have a lot of people caring for you,” said Brandon Higgins. To keep up with Brandon and how he’s doing, like “Brandon’s Recovery” on Facebook: The page, updated regularly by his mother, has more than 11,000 followers.