Numerous Domestic Violence Suspects are Released Before Arraignment in Washington County 

Five Domestic Violence suspects are back on the streets after a Washington county court refused to arraign them.That’s what Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith said has been happening over the past six weeks. Smith said just over the last few days a judge refused to see two suspects because their paper work was not in time. Washington County Superior Court said arraignments are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1:00 pm. Paper work for the suspects must be in by 11:30am that morning.If they don’t make the slotted court time, the accused are released without ever seeing a judge. Smith said, “This is a very dangerous situation when you’re letting out suspects who have been arrested for domestic violence. The victim has no protection at all and they don’t understand why they are being released and I understand that, but the problem is, it’s clear that I can’t hold them for any more than 48 hours.”The sheriff said he has reached out to the governor’s office because of LePage’s stance on the issue of Domestic Violence, but has not heard back yet.