New York Man Pleads Not Guilty in a Bangor Murder Case 

A man from Amityville, N.Y. Turned himself in for in the stabbing death of a Bangor man. Akeem Harris, 23, entered a not guilty plea in a Bangor Courtoom on Friday. He’s charged with murder for the death of Thomas Taylor, 30, of Bangor. Police said Harris and Taylor got into an altercation at the Birch Circle apartments on Ohio Street on April 9th.Officals found the 30-year-old with a stab wound to the chest. He later died at a local hospital, but no other details on the case have been released. “The affidavit is impounded until Mr. Silverstein will file a motion asking that it be impounded until the bail hearing. The court, I think in an exercise of caution, simply impounded it in the interim period.”He had been, at the time, staying with his parents in Amityville, Long island upon learning that the charge for issued, that there was a warrant pending, he immediatly decided to come up and self surrender.”The New Yorker was a student at Eastern Maine Community College at the time of the incident, but has not been back on campus since. Harris will be held without bail until his bail hearing, which his attorney says should take place within the next month.If convicted, Harris faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.