Camera Captures Bobcat In St. Albans – Sightings Of Mountain Lion In The Area 

A St. Albans man was able to get pictures of a well fed bobcat on one of his game cameras.Peter Denbow captured the pictures over the past week on the Denbow Road.An official with the Maine Warden Service tells us it’s not uncommon to have bobcats out and about in the Maine woods in the spring.Sgt. Terry Hughes says bobcats are elusive and typically keep their distance from humans.Several residents in the St. Albans area have also reported seeing a mountain lion too.Hughes says it’s likely there are some mountain lions in Maine. “There’s no fence around the state of Maine,” Hughes said Friday. “We have upstate New York, Canada borders and a mountain lion could pass through the state. We’ve had a lot of people in the state that have said they’ve seen mountain lions. We’ve had some questionable tracks that we’ve looked at. So it’s possible that a mountain lion could pass through the state.”Hughes says the sheer strength and size of mountain lions should concern people if they spot one, but like bobcats, mountain lions usually try to steer clear of people.