Local Business Experts Discuss Bangor’s Retail Resurgence 

Bangor’s thriving retail industry was the topic of conversation on Wednesday morning.The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce held the breakfast to discuss this boom.”We wanted to highlight some good news and the good news is that retail in our market place is doing well. Yes we have challenges, but overall it’s a bright spot for the Bangor region economy and I think it’s important to not only talk about things we need to do better, but also talk about the things that are going well for us,” said John Porter, President & CEO of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. Business leaders from the region listened as three local experts spoke highly of the city.”Things are very good. In recent years, we’ve seen a considerable growth downtown and we think that’s very essential as new developments like the Waterfront Concerts and the new arena. All this should further fuel the growth of downtown,” said George Kainghorn, President of the Downtown Bangor Partnership. Don’t forget the other shopping areas, like the Bangor Mall.”We’re seeing good things. I think up-tick is a good word to use because it’s modest. People should have patience were not going to explode anytime soon and Bangor isn’t known for exploding anyhow. But, you know, good things are happening, good things are coming, were going to see a little bit more building this summer and that’s always a good thing,” said Bev Uhlenhake, a broker with Epstein Commercial Real Estate. While Canadian shopping traffic is partly to thank for this growth, Mainers can make a huge difference by shopping locally. “I want to talk to the folks outside of Bangor and say come see what’s happening in Bangor, come from Portland come from far away. See what’s happening,” said Uhlenhake. “Enjoy the shopping, the hospitality, the restaurants, the dining all those are very important to the fabric of Bangor. Shopping no matter where it is, whether its downtown or any of the centers that surround Bangor, it’s important for all of us. We’re a tight small community. We all benefit from it,” said James Gerety, General Manger of the Bangor Mall.