Lawmakers Look to Restore Millions in Head Start Funding 

A group of lawmakers in Augusta want to restore millions of dollars in funding cuts to Maine’s Head Start program.The group including state and local officials and Head Start providers held a rally urging all lawmakers to support the measure.Last session more than $2-million was cut from Head Start, cuts these folks say are having a devastating impact on Maine’s kids.”The state funding that is provided is combined with federal funding in order to serve additional children,” said Executive Director of Child and Family Oppurtunities, Doug Orville. “I would like to point out as well, the funding we receive doesn’t come anywhere close to serving all of the children who are eligible for Head Start services.”According to Head Start providers at Tuesday’s rally, more than 4,000 children in Maine, at or below the poverty line, are eligible for Head Start. Right now, roughly half of them are being served by the program.