Carmel Man Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison After Beating Infant 

A Carmel man is going to jail for a year and a half for beating an infant. 30-year-old Scott Peavey was sentenced on Tuesday morning. Last month, he pleaded guilty to hitting his girlfriend’s 14-month-old child while drunk in a car outside a Bangor hospital in January. A registered sex offender, this was not Peavey’s first time in court.”I thought it went well. The judge recognized the state’s argument that this was a serious assault. It’s a class C crime. Committed against an older person this offense would have been a misdemeanor, probably be punished by at most thirty days in jail. The judge recognized that when somebody commits this sort of assault against a defenseless child that the penalties go up substantially and we received a substantial sentence,” said Penobscot County Deputy District Attorney Michael Roberts. “We’re generally pleased with the sentence. These are always tough cases when you have an adult who is accused of harming a child like this,” said Defense Attorney Stephen Smith.Peavey was also sentenced to two years probation with two and a half years of prison time hanging over his head if he violates the judges orders.”The change that needs to take place is simply no alcohol period. Not a little, not occasionally, none,” sad Supreme Court Justice Kevin Cuddy. The child’s maternal grandmother, who helped report the child’s injuries, also spoke in court. She wanted justice for her granddaughter. “I commend this family for doing the right thing and protecting the child. We never would have known about it and the child would have perhaps continued to have contact with the mother and the boyfriend. They would have continued drinking. Bad things could have occurred obviously…Worse things. Bad things did occur,” said Roberts. The deputy district attorney tells us that the child is not living with the mother. State welfare officials are involved.